Tokyo, Japan

Scenery around Tokyo

Toddlers transported by trollies

Cube-shaped Japanese cars

Kids walking to school

Wandering around Nakameguro

Meiji Jingu

The Meiji shrine was a nice getaway in the middle of the city. A walk through the park was a much-needed breath of fresh air and nature. I was told later by my uncle that the huge torii gate was built with wood from Taiwan.


Arakawa river – so flat

Cycling around the imperial palace

Cafe Kitsune for brekkie

Coffee and cycling go together 🙂

All of the food

I love Japanese food. Just look at its presentation… This is a canteen lunch from the Amazon head office – just a regular workplace cafeteria and everything is compartmentalised and made with care.


Who knew the best pizza is found in Tokyo?

It’s mesmerising to watch the chef at Savoy make the same two pizzas over and over again. It must be how the Japanese make such amazing food – they perfect it through repeated practice.

Tonkatsu Maruya

Discovered this gem from a random cycling adventure. We walked down the stairs and found ourselves in a super local tonkatsu joint, where the patrons were mostly business men and tradies.

Buri standing sake bar

An Ebisu favourite, one of our friend’s favourite spots to take visitors. The sake jars ice up inside when you hit it repeatedly – still boggled at the science behind this.

Ebisu Eiji

I’m always down for DIY food and yakiniku falls under this category!

Our friends making BBQ for us

You can buy seaweed and keep your jar at the restaurant

Living dangerously – eating raw meat

Shabu Shabu Lettuce

So fresh. Much hotpot.


Vending machines make ordering super efficient at ramen places

Nummy num num ramen

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