Kyoto, Japan

Our Airbnb

Something traditional – check.

Something on the horror scale of “The Ring/Ringu” meets “Ju-on/The Grudge” (the actual Japanese versions not the Hollywood remakes) – check.

The lighting and the arrangement of all the rooms/amenities made the place a bit creepy to navigate in the evenings. In the end we made it through without seeing any ghosts or spirits – although that might have been cool too.

The Airbnb came with 2 bikes, which meant we could ride everywhere rather than taking busses or walking.

Cycling around Kyoto

Sightseeing with the mamachari (mom’s bikes) made Kyoto my favourite experience for this trip to Japan. Even though we didn’t make it to some of the shrines suggested by our local friends, I had a great time seeing all the people we passed, the scents we smelled, and going and stopping whenever we pleased.

Fushimi Inari Taisha

Here is my obligatory tourist photo with some torii gates – all hail the god of rice!

What was most interesting was actually seen on the way up to the shrines – we stopped for a quick snack and one of the workers hanging out at the stall just happened to have their pet rabbit on their shoulders. That’s an ultimate pet goal right there.

Ginjo Ramen Kubota

Food in Japan is so good. I think part of why it’s so enjoyable is the atmosphere it’s served in. All the restaurants we went to were warm, cozy, and clean. The chefs looked like they’re focused on their craft, and you can taste that they’ve put their all into each meal.

All the other food

Barley-based noodles from Mensho Takamatsu Honten:

Tonkatsu from Katsukura Shijo Higashinotoin:

Ice cream from Gion Kinana:

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