Greenpatch, Jervis Bay

I’m really lucky to have been invited along to a camping trip with the boys last weekend, they’re a good bunch. Jervis bay is stunning, the white sands are so serene, and the water is so clear.

Just a little bit different from camping in Vancouver – for one the wildlife isn’t the same. On this trip I learned that Australian wildlife can be kind of shitty. Possums are real assholes (to each other, and to humans) and will find their way into your tents to steal your avocados. Kookaburras will come down from treetops to steal your freshly-cooked sausages and… Well the kangaroos were alright, they kicked our friend but our friend was really asking for it by getting too close.

The only nice encounter was with these curious little red birds (parrots? lorikeets? no idea.)

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