Not only is the Rising Sun Workshop an interesting combination of garage and cafe – it’s also an interesting mix of East and West.


On the day I visited, it was sunny and the cafe looked friendly and welcoming; the front counter fully stashed with delectable looking treats and coffee. Walking through was a cool experience as you see people working in the connected workshop. Upstairs was bright with cool couches and long wooden tables. Excellent location for catching up with a friend as it’s not too loud.


I couldn’t justify shelling out $19 for ramen when I know Sydney’s ramen situation is in its baby stages, so I opted for burger. Sydney’s burger game is strong – knock on wood – I haven’t had a terrible burger in Sydney yet.

The pork katsu burger was good, but for a place with a small menu I was expecting better. The crumbs were crisp but really just not dry or crunchy enough. You could definitely taste the horseradish, which I really liked. I would definitely return for the fact that it’s a cool space, and maybe try out their breakfast.

Contact Details

1C Whateley St, Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9550 3891

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