I didn’t plan anything for the long weekend because I wanted to reset a little after the last couple of weeks. After 2 days of downtime at home I was getting cabin fever and really bad FOMO. A desperate need to be out with other humans brought me to a daytime karaoke event on Meetup.


Sober. Daytime. Karaoke. With complete strangers.

Luckily they were all very nice people who were just keen to make new friends and get some tunes out along the way. We started out with brunch at Caffe Cherry Bean, where we got to know each other a little bit. Then headed over to Mizuya for really cheap singing. It worked out to be $16 per person for 3 hours rather than the usual $70 for night time.

I got to do some Biebs, Usher, Frank Ocean and TLC this time around. It’s nice to sing with an international group because you get to hear a range of songs. The organiser sang some classic Utada Hikaru and that really brought me back to middle school. The highlight was a really epic Gangnam style performance by the group’s one Korean guy who sat quietly in the corner for the first 2 hours.

The evening continued on to dinner at Yasaka, a ramen place that was on my list.

After the group disassembled, a friend and I ended up making our way to the botanical gardens for Vivid. Saw some cool installations – a waratah flower, some daisies, some kiwi birds, and an electric forest. The best is probably still the Sydney Opera house though, nothing really beats all those colours on that big stack of dishes.

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