Flew to Brisbane for the holidays to spend time with the boyfriend’s family, managed to see a good amount of wildlife considering I was only mobile within a 10km radius the whole time I was there.

Checked off from my Aussie wildlife list are as follows:

  • An Australian bushturkey (as pictured above)
  • A kangaroo (it ran across the road at 1am in Rochedale)
  • A goana (which looked super bad ass like it gave zero f*cks walking between people’s picnic tables like it owned the place)
  • An Australian water dragon (not as bad ass, but has a cool name)
  • A buttload of spiders, big ones
  • A select few topical birds, ALL ANNOYING, as they make caw-caw and coo-coo-ing noises strictly between 4am and 7am (note to self: don’t move to Brisbane)

Not bad for 6 days away, I must say. Although truth be told, my real goal was to see a wild koala sitting in a gum tree munching on some eucalyptus leaves. One day I’ll get to see one… One day.

The holidays were nice, although a little bit less festive than I’m used to back in Vancouver. It’s a different vibe to have pine trees, turkey dinners and mulled wine in comparison to a palm trees, beer and barbecue. Having said that, I am still really glad to have attended my first Australian barbecue – and made sure that the host announced that he was indeed, throwing the shrimp on the barbie when he did.

There were also two nights of unexpected mahjong with family and friends – with polarising outcomes – which means I still have a long ways to go in my gambling career. Just kidding. Not kidding. Anyway I’m ready for Chinese New Year now.

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