On our way back to London after hiking Snowdon in Wales, we passed by the Lake District. It was as quaint and as beautiful as one would imagine from English novels.

Everyday started off with a full English breakfast from our B&B. These are probably the only breakfast sausages I would willingly eat again – Cumbrian sausages that have a distinct herb-y flavour and were something ridiculous like 90% meat.


Keswick was a cute little village with lots of shops, some homey pubs, and a welcoming market. The cottages were especially charming as they were built from this beautiful dark blue-green stone.



We didn’t do too much research for outdoor activities in the Lake District prior to arriving. Most English walks we’ve encountered have been quite tame, so we figured we would just rock up and see what’s nearby. We ended up kayaking on Windermere for a bit and found an easy fell called Cat Bells. Even near the summit we were greeted by sprinkles of sheep.






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