Having been to the Black Lion once before for trivia night, the second pilgrimage to West Hampstead for Sunday Roast proved more than worthwhile for the hour-long trek from home.


Definitely one of the more spacious pubs I’ve visited in London. Cushy seats in big booths on one side and spread out individual tables on the other. Only downside would be that the pub is a little bit dark, but who am I to say since that’s the vibe people seem prefer for pubs anyway?

Most locals have said time and time again that Sunday roasts are best experienced as a homemade ritual. But I’ve yet to have had the luxury of being invited to a family homemade roast… So these reviews are really for us mere orphans who get their roasts from restaurants.


No complaints, no frills – just your typical pub serving all the standard drinks.


The menu had a variety of items for Sunday, but of course everybody in our party went for the pork belly. For £26 to share, at £13 each between me and the boyfriend, it was hands-down the best value roast I’ve had. After our table received our food it was clear that the portions were more than generous and there was no need to order anything else.


I’ve had a handful of Sunday Roasts in London, one of which included Hawksmoor, and I have to be honest that the Black Lion pork belly roast is by far the best. With healthy portions of steamed kale (which was not bitter) and perfectly roasted (baked?) potatoes, my mouth still waters at the memory of this meal. The Yorkshire pudding and gravy combo is always a highlight for me, and this was no exception.

How many times can I say that this was my favourite Sunday roast in London? I suppose there’s still a free spot for favourite Sunday roast *beef* in particular but… It will be hard to top this!

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