I’m always happy to return to a restaurant when there’s quality food for good value – and thats exactly what you’ll find at Homeslice.


The two locations I’ve been to were quite different, but both had the same cozy homey vibe happening. The casual atmosphere with farm-like furnishings make you feel welcome even at their front doors.

The Wells Street location in Fitzrovia was definitely a lot more quiet, whereas we waited 40 minutes at the Neal’s Yard location for a free table.

The bathroom (/loo) at the Wells street (Fitzrovia) location has to be one of my favourite bathrooms of all time. With two-pane swinging doors for each stall and chalkboard walls all around, it was a memorable experience to see words of encouragement from other ladies who visited. Second-hand information tells me the men’s was filled with peen drawings and phone numbers, typical!


Being the health-conscious old lady I am, I had a couple of gin and tonics (very average sized) rather than being adventurous and picking from the special cocktails menu.


The best part about Homeslice are its 20″ pizzas at £20 each. I’ve dined with parties of 3 or 4 when I went. No matter how we split the bill, it always came out to be very fair for the amount of food we had.


I couldn’t remember if the menu changed between my two visits, but the most memorable flavour was the oxtail topping. It is possible to ask for half-and-half where you get two toppings split on one pizza, by now I probably tasted 3/4 of the whole menu.

From memory, the courgette flavoured one was a great one to counter the meaty oxtail topping. The mushroom one had a hint of truffles and soy sauce which was surprisingly light. The chorizo and cheese one was probably the only one I didn’t eat much of, because the cheese was… very cheesy.

Homeslice would be my choice if I’m ever craving pizza in London, it’s either there or Franco Manca. It’s best enjoyed in the company of a friend or two… or by yourself only if you’re really very famished.

Contact Details

52 Wells St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 3PR
020 3151 9273
13 Neal’s Yard, London WC2H 9DP
020 3151 7488

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