On Thursday, I had my last day at the digital agency I was working for. They ended my contract a day earlier than originally agreed – just something contractors have to be used to. That, in retrospect, was a blessing in disguise as I spent all day Friday in sunny London (a rare occurrence!) exploring Portobello Road and soho with my friend.

My friend Oli was studying in Exeter a couple years ago and promised to show me around London whenever I moved here. As luck would have it, he was accepted into law school and moved back to Vancouver right before I made my move. He came back to the UK this week to deal with some issues with the bank, and had time to stop by London for a couple of days.

We caught up on all the juicy gossip from back home, as well as everything that’s happened to us in the year we haven’t seen each other. It was so nice to rekindle with a close friend. I didn’t realise how much I had missed having friends around in person until he came, and very sad that it was such a short time for us to share and give each other tips on… well, everything!

I’m very thankful how enjoyable today was as well. Woke up and had brunch at home. Made the decision to do the the haute route this summer for our hiking trip in Switzerland. Headed out for central London to the camera store for the boyfriend to buy his camera gear… stopped by a coffee shop and strolled through Fitzrovia. Had an epic pizza dinner with a local friend.

No better way to spend this weekend, might as well enjoy it before ramping up for the next job, fingers crossed that something comes through for the next month.

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