One of the first things the boyfriend and I noticed was how we weren’t really feeling the decoration… There were some parts wood, some parts that looked like straw bits hanging on the wall, a rather strict flower arrangement as a center piece. Most of the (well-behaved, quiet enough) people eating here were comfortable spending £150 on any regular day for a meal, so it makes for an interesting place to people watch and overhear conversations. Service was average, not super attentive.


I had a pear and elderflower cocktail (yummy) and the boyfriend had a Sapporo premium (tasted premium, he says).


For what we spent (what the boyfriend spent, really, because it was my birthday gift) it was reasonable for the quality of food. However at the end of it we both wished we didn’t order the vegetable hotpot (Yasai-Nabe) because they forgot our order, took forever to prepare it, and it was underwhelming aside from the presentation. Dessert was average, not sure if it was really worthwhile either.

But don’t get me wrong… All of the nigiri, miso soup and tuna tartar salad, toro tataki – I would happily order over and over again.


Still very fond of the memory of our wagyu beef nigiri, whenever I think about it I make the “koala face” Sheldon makes on The Big Bang Theory. Boggles the mind how beef can be made with a similar soft texture to fish? Not only that, it also had a buttery beefy taste that I can never forget. Hands down the highlight of our meal, shame I didn’t take a photo of it, we were too excited about what £30/3 pieces of nigiri could taste like. Still making the koala face while I’m typing about it right now.

The red and white miso soup were worth trying, the tamago nigiri passed the test in terms of taste as well as bending ability! The tuna tataki was a favourite of the boyfriend (I’m not a massive fan of half-seared things) and the tuna tartar salad was one of my favourites.

We knew that the restaurant is known for its kaiseki but… We figured that if you really wanted the traditional, strict, ceremonial meal that it should be properly experienced in Japan, no?




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