Christmas Markets

Spending Christmas in Germany meant Christmas markets – and loads of meat and bread.


The only things open during Christmas were the churches… They all had such beautiful architecture. On Christmas day we church-hopped and managed to listen to a choir in one of the morning mass. Their voices were so beautiful. With the sun shining through the windows and the choir music coming from above, it was what I thought heaven would be like.

The Theatine church had an intricately painted ceiling. Each of the churches set a different mood – they were different sizes, colours, and I remember they even had different smells.

Breakfast sausage

One of the things I learned on this trip was that veal sausage / white sausage / weisswurst is delicious. It’s usually eaten before noon and is boiled – which I preferred over the other sausages because I actually have an affinity for bland food.

Beer halls

When in Munich, visit a beer hall. The atmosphere was cozy at hofbrauhaus, where we ordered pork hock, and of course the obligatory stein.

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