Cozy and adorable, as all bubble tea places should be. Lots of funky drawings found around the shop, with games available for entertainment.


The bubble tea here is what I wish every bubble tea place could be – offering a variety of properly steeped tea, limited for the day, to be prepared with the flavour you want, fresh upon request. It’s nice to be able to pick your tea rather than just by colour.


At £3.50 for a large bubble tea, it’s exactly the same price I was paying for bubble tea in high school back home… Except in dollars. I hate converting prices now between GBP to CAD, because it makes no sense to convert as a tourist (it will always be cheaper back home vs. London) and pricing is quite fair if you live here and earn pounds. This is probably the average price of bubble tea in London, so if you are to spend the money you might as well spend it wisely at an institution that knows what they’re doing.


They didn’t really offer the usual Taiwanese hot food snacks like bubble tea shops back home, which is fine. Brew Box offers sweets like cookies (I love soft cookies) and savoury bits like packaged popcorn. In my opinion it’s better this way, to have bubble tea and a small snack as if you were going to a coffee shop – rather than like back home where bubble tea places are often running like restaurants with entire meal offerings with your bubble tea, which always felt too heavy for my taste.

Contact Details

120 Islington High St, London N1 8EG
020 7359 0222

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