I was highly amused by the chairs, which were flip-down wooden chairs that you’d find in theatres. The decoration was quite charming, not pretentious like some places that try to be rustic but end up giving off that fake, Disneyland kind of vibe. Our service was prompt and efficient, making a reservation is highly recommended.


I love ordering fresh juice when it’s offered, it’s perfect to pair for brunch. However if you’re having a rough morning, the cafe also offers a recommended alcoholic addition to each drink. All the better to take the edge off of those horrid Saturday/Sunday/(Tuesday if you’re really hardcore) hangovers.


At first the 2-egg option for eggs Benedict priced at ~£10 felt quite steep…

Then we tasted the eggs and hollandaise sauce, and proceeded to each shed a single tear for the most perfect poached eggs we’ve ever tasted.


I’m usually eating food that’s quite bland, so eggs Benedict with the sauce and the meat and everything… can feel a bit full on and heavy. I opted for the avocado Benedict with sauce on the side and was very satisfied, particularly with the little bit of kick that comes with the sprinkle of cayenne(?) pepper. Hands down the best poached eggs… thus far in my food adventures.

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Walham Grove, London SW6 1QP
020 7927 0840

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