The boyfriend and I were checking lists of best Sunday roasts in London and came across this little gem – Harwood Arms, currently the only pub to win a Michelin star. It was a no brainer that we booked it straight away, luckily they have opentable bookings so we easily found a Sunday reservation that worked for us. When we arrived, the party in front of us were turned away as they were fully booked, so reservations are recommended.


Despite the primary function of Harwood Arms being a pub, it felt very clean and almost a little bit… dainty? With really pleasant natural sunlight, it was a great place to spend Sunday morning. Our server was in training but she made us feel very comfortable.


I had a prosecco to start and my coffee snob of a boyfriend approved of his latte. I ended my meal with a single shot of espresso which usually helps in preventing food coma symptoms.


The roast itself was not your usual pub roast price – at £35 per person for only the main, I would say it’s fair for the quality. The offer on the menu was 3 courses inclusive of roast, but we were skeptical as to whether we could reall eat 3 courses. In the end we were both glad to have excluded the appetiser and dessert, as a few belts had to be loosened after the main was consumed.


Two words: beef cheeks. I don’t know what kind of sorcery happens in the kitchen but the last two times I remember being in gourmet heaven have both been encounters with beef cheeks. It was so tender, and it’s usually stewed to well done so I don’t get queasy thinking about eating half cooked meat.

The roast wasn’t as exciting for me but no doubt it was tasty. One of the cuts of roast was kind of … smelly? Kind of like that meat smell in the butcher shop. That definitely put both of us off a bit. I’m not sure what it was, maybe that’s just what aged beef is meant to smell like? Maybe it’s an acquired taste?

The roast potatoes – good, the cabbage – good, the croquette – a little salty, the Yorkshire pudding – I’m still nodding my head now thinking about how good it was even though it’s been a week since I stuffed it in my face.

Overall a great experience, definitely looking forward to when we return to taste the other items on the menu… A pheasant perhaps?

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43-51 Great Litchfield St, London W1W 7PQ
020 7927 0840

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