Rotisserie chicken can be the lifeless fowl wrapped in a foil bag from the deli section of the grocery store… or it could be like the one from Chicken Shop. Ooh boy.


The homestyle rustic decoration was setting a cozy and friendly mood, but parts of it felt a bit too new to be really “rustic”. Maybe sometime in the future the place will eventually develop the run-down barn look that it’s going for. The lighting is really faint, but the warmth makes up for it.


I had a gin and soda, and I always like to give props to restaurants that provide the little bottles of specialised soda rather than the one from the fountain. Not only does it taste better, but, like Chandler, I enjoy feeling like a giant when using miniature bottles.


Between 4 people, we shared 1 whole rotisserie chicken, a bunch of sides and split a dessert between each 2 people. The bill came out to be about £15 per person maybe even including drinks. I would recommend going with friends so you could try all the sides, only because it seems a little anti-climatic to only eat chicken for a meal.


The chicken came out juicy and just right, and even though the sides were really standard and basic they were perfect comfort food. We had salad, grilled corn and fries (chips?), everything you need if you just had a rough day or if you’re missing a little bit of that American deep south/southern hospitality kind of feel.

The pie is a must-try, never turn down the offer of warm appie pie with ice cream.

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141 Tooting High St, London SW17 0SY
020 8767 5200

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