Everyday is a little bit better than the last, even if there are roller coasters and curve balls.

I struggled in the last week with some family drama around my brother’s wedding, only to be let in on a little secret that relieves me of the niggling guilt of not being able to make it back in time for his wedding this winter.

Today was a turnaround for that lingering drama. The back to back Skype sessions with my mom, brother and one of my best friends from home really shed some light on the good that came out of my chance to be here, in retrospect it is easier to see positive effects.

I’m ramping up again for conversations with recruiters and interviews… Yet another hurdle, the chance of another adventure.

For someone who is so uncomfortable with change and instability, I’ve lived the last 4 months in this state… I wonder for how long I should do this until I collapse into myself… or will that even happen?

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