One of the first restaurants the boyfriend and I tried when we arrived in Richmond, which is the closest borough with a proper high street from our home. When we saw the highly recognized name we thought it was a safe bet (and boy was it ever!)


The decor was spunky, ranging from Bambi wallpaper in the walkway to the washroom (toilet, loo, restroom, what have you) to rustic tables paired with retro chairs reminiscent of childhood classrooms. Despite its incoherence it felt surprisingly cozy and homey. The service was great, they were even sure to find us a seat near a wall with an outlet because in those early days or arriving in London, we were battery-hungry fiends always looking for the closest source of electricity.


Based on two meals I’ve had from Jamie’s, the verdict is that the value is excellent. Paying attention to the feature menu paid off because one time we ordered a fish that was on special, for £15 it well exceeds the value of other fish you get from restaurants. Usually when I order fish as a main I receive very tiny cuts of white fish with no real original flavour, always topped with overcompensating decoration in the form of vegetables or spices – but this was not the case for Jamie’s!


Because this was the first time I had chicken in London after years of eating mass-produced American GMO-esque chicken in Canada, I know I’m being biased when I say that the free range roast chicken was amazing. So that’s all there is, biased boasting at its best.

Contact Details

12-13 King Street, Richmond, Greater London TW9 1ND
020 7096 3930

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