I’m sitting on the overground train with a pasty in hand because I needed a distraction. Distraction from thinking about how the lifestyle is a struggle in London – the hard work, the payoff, the inner city pressure.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t 10:02pm and it’s been 55 minutes of me trying to get home from the meetup, and there’s still 20 minutes of the train ride to get home because it just left Waterloo station.

I’ve wondered about what it’s like to be our room mate, she goes to work and takes a train earlier than I do, and on average comes home at around 10:30pm. Tonight I experienced a routine that was like hers, I had a London experience of sorts.

I’m thankful to have attended the Ladies that UX event, I don’t think I could’ve had a similar opportunity in Vancouver. I was able to hear female UX and Analytics leaders from AKQA speak, and see some of their prototypes and hear about how they work.

They shared their background, process, and also answered some of the audience’s questions the way ladies of vast experience and practice do. Not everyone gets to lead a team and work with Rolls Royce/Nike/Herm├Ęs, and those who do know both how to present themselves as well as how to disploamtically divert their answers.

One girl had asked a question about the pressure to push into prototype and testing as quickly as possible before enough research or thinking has been done – and I hadn’t even realised that was a small stressor in my current work life as well.

It would all be so much lovelier… If I didn’t live an hour+ away from work and eat portable meals at 10pm.

(to be fair AKQA did supply a plethora of sushi for dinner, but the days feel so long I can’t help but consume 4 or 5 meals a day to have enough fuel)

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