I learned this weekend that our family dog passed away on Thursday, August the 13th.

My brother kindly broke the news to me after he announced his wedding for next year, he presented it as good news first and then snuck in the bad news.

I was alright at first taking it in, but then started sobbing uncontrollably when it registered a few minutes later that she was no longer with us. In the back of my mind, even though I haven’t seen her for a few months, I always pictured her on the other side of the world taking a nap on my parents’ patio, or sniffing some tomatoes in their garden as she usually would in the summertime.

It is still really difficult to accept. The last two evenings I cried thinking about how we won’t see her anymore just hanging out, every now and then nudging our hands with her nose for a good pat on the head. For a labrador to live a long happy life of 14 years is a triumph, something to be celebrated. I know that the source of my sadness is a selfish one, for wanting her with me forever, and that’s just not how it works.

Leela, my love for you is eternal and it is only goodbye for now. I hope we’ll be together again some day, where you have robins to chase, all the cherry tomatoes you want to eat and no baths to be forced upon you because doggy spirits never get smelly, right?

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