Really cute furnishing, almost like you’re in a hipster barn with all the square wooden crates parading as tabletops. Definitely a great place for catching up with a friend or two or three, if you manage to find seats.


The shop is advertised as Australian/Kiwi and just in case you’re wondering – yes, the coffee is approved by my Australian.

By chance, on both occasions I ordered green tea and both times I was quite happy with the quality. No weird herbal additions (blasphemy), just plain, original green tea leaves. They must also be well-practised in tea, as I found that they made sure not to over-dilute the flavours by giving me too much water in the pot. I’m not always fussy with my tea but they definitely made me very happy.

Contact Details

66 Great Titchfield St, London W1W 7QJ
020 7580 6755

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