Having doubts as to whether I should do this competing in London thing. Navigating through its hoards of stuffy people, day in, day out, it can wear a person down.

Earlier this afternoon I met with a total of 5 recruiters at one agency that specializes in UX and design. It was quite intense to have them come in one after the other to chat with me. They were all very friendly and personable but really I might be helping both sides if I’m more picky about what I want to work on so I’m not put forward for absolutely every position that comes up. Or maybe that’s just how people work here, flicking from one job to the next and always interviewing.

Afterwards I made my way over to an arranged interview at a reputable ad/marketing agency… My interviewer, believe it or not, was just as – if not more – soft spoken than me. I suppose that is a good sign.

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