Getting Around

Rent a scooter, definitely. You could get from one end of the island to the other within 3 hours of comfortable cruising, why wouldn’t you do it? The local buses are tolerable but you just get more out of traveling by scooter.

What To Eat in Bermuda

Really very disappointed with almost* every meal I had in Bermuda. I don’t know if it’s because I was there in the winter (last week of December into first week of January) but from memory it all tasted like Costco frozen food and cost more than $30 USD for a meal. Definitely better off getting groceries from the supermarkets and cooking on your own.

*The exception being this fish and chips place that was also a part of someone’s home along North Shore Road. The nice lady who owned the place sold us on their homemade ginger drink, which turned out to be quite refreshing.

What to Pack

For getting around the island and beach hopping, a rucksack with a beach towel, a change of clothes and sun screen is a must.

Favourite Experiences


The water in winter wasn’t exactly the right temperature for snorkelling or else I would’ve loved to spend more time in the water. Bermuda is meant to be one of the best dive and snorkel spots! Despite the cool water in the winter, it was still absolutely stunning to see the bright blue hue of the water all around the island, and the matching pink sand to boost.


Travel by scooter was in itself a novelty, you could hop to any beach you like and ride along the beautiful coast for an easy view of the endless ocean.

Spittal Pond Nature Reserve

It was nice to hike for an afternoon around the park, bring a picnic blanket to sit by the coast but also bring mosquito repellant for the swampy areas.

Warwick Long Bay Beach

Spittal Pond Nature Reserve

Scootering in Bermuda

Pink sands of Bermuda

Crystal Cave

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